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Adventure of Consciousness
A spiritual view of Consciousness - its planes, gradations, parts, evolution and change of consciousness as explained by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Another Linguistic Turn?
Review by Lawrence Kaye of `Language, Thought and Consciousness: An Essay in Philosophical Psychology' by Peter Carruthers.

Archives of PSYCHE-B
PSYCHE-B is a moderated email mailing list for the discussion of biological and experimental psychological approaches to the study of consciousness, as opposed to the more theoretical and philosophical discussions on PSYCHE-D, out of which it grew. The discussion is at a high level, and many of the leading scientists and philosophers in the Consciousness Studies movement have taken part. Archives go back to October 1996.

The Archives of PSYCHE-D
PSYCHE-D is a moderated email mailing list for the discussion of theoretical aspects of the nature of consciousness, from a scientific perspective. The discussion is at a high level, and many of the leading scientists and philosophers in the Consciousness Studies movement have taken part. Archives go back to April 1993.

Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
The ASSC promotes research within cognitive science, neuroscience, philosophy, and other relevant disciplines in the sciences and humanities, directed toward understanding the nature, function, and underlying mechanisms of consciousness.

Astro Biological Coenergetics
An unorthodox look at mind, consciousness and perception.

Auditory Binding Experiment
Explores a phenomenon of mind-brain interaction which happens during the transition of awakening from sleep into awareness.

Brain Science
Studies of consciousness, intelligence and autism. From neuroscientist Rodney Cotterill.
Community site devoted to accelerating the development of neuroscience through web-based initiatives offers a collection of philosophical essays over consciousness and a forum.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Consciousness
Entry from the 1913 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Center of Scientific Divulgation about Consciousness (CSDC)
Analyses the inconsistencies of the materialistic view of man and mind on the basis of the present scientific knowledge about brain and matter.

The Cerebral Code
Thinking a thought in the mosaics of the mind.

Christof Koch's Real Home Page
A leading researcher into the neuroscience of consciousness. Includes personal information and links to online versions of some of his technical and less technical publications.

Conscious Entities
Concise illustrated descriptions and discussions of leading philosophical theories of consciousness, and well known thought experiments, and the issues they raise.

Conscious Experience, Existence and Behaviour
Essay by A. Randrup subtitled "Significance of Consciousness in Human Life".

Entry commissioned for the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. By Eric Lormand of the University of Michigan.

Consciousness & Personality from many perspectives.
Insight into the science of consciousness from many perspectives: physics, science, mind-body medicine, psychology, spirituality and religion, NDE's etc.

Consciousness and Cognition
Access to abstracts of articles, submission guidelines, and subscription information of the print journal.

Consciousness and Experiential Psychology
Section of the British Psychological Society. Information on the Section, its aims and activities, including its journal "Consciousness & Experiential Psychology".

Consciousness and Microtubules
A critical discussion of philosophy and science,and the scientized philosophy of consciousness, with special reference to materialism and David Papineau.

Consciousness and Neuroscience
Paper by Nobel laureate Francis Crick and neuroscientist Cristof Koch.

Consciousness and Psychophysics
By E.G.J. Eijkman, Dutch Medical Physicist. Main content is an essay on "Universal Consciousness".

Consciousness and the Brain
An extensive annotated bibliography of publications on consciousness, by philosophers, neuroscientists, and psychologists.

Consciousness as an Active Force
Amy Lansky, a researcher in artificial intelligence, argues against a purely neurophysiological explanation of consciousness.

Consciousness, Brain and the Physical World
Seminal 1990 article by Max Velmans.

Consciousness, Literature and the Arts
The refereed journal provides a forum for new work relating the arts and literature to the exploration of consciousness currently flourishing in many disciplines such as philosophy, cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, computer science, and physics.

Consciousness Research Laboratory
Describes the scientific study of the role of Consciousness in the physical world.

Consciousness Rules
Explores consciousness as both the nature and purpose of reality, as well as the ethical and political implications.

Consciousness Studies
Presents an outline of Consciousness research at the University of Arizona.

Consciousness Studies - Wikibooks
A free online textbook on the philosophy and neuroscience of consciousness.

Consciousness: The Detector Approach
Understanding the Hard Problem - How Consciousness can fit into our Natural Orders. By Jan Holmgren.

Consciousness: The Unity of Perception, Aspiration, and Emotion and its Control Mechanisms
Short online 'book' (or long article) by Johannes Dressler (English translation of the original German).

Consciousness: what can the paranormal teach us about it?
Susan Blackmore argues that the study of the paranormal (even if it exists, which she doubts) is not very relevant to consciousness research. Many or even most alleged paranormal phenomena seem to work unconsciously.

Development of Western Consciousness
Some ideas about how consciousness has changed since pre-history up until the present day, and how it will continue to change.

Doorways in Consciousness
Cultures around the globe embrace sound in healing, creation, and exploring consciousness. This essay connects creativity with healing, thus recreating health in the body.

Dr. Charles T. Tart, Home Page and Virtual Library
Dr. Tart has been well known for many years as a leading researcher on consciousness, particularly altered states, as well as on parapsychology and transpersonal psychology.

eGroups: consciousness
A moderated, interdisciplinary forum for academic consciousness researchers, including philosophers, psychologists, and neuroscientists.

EmergentMind, Mapping the Frontiers of Consciousness
Key papers, discussions and research leads focusing on holographic models of mind and mind-body interactions.

Explorations in Mind, Being and Reality
Being, mind, consciousness... this is the main focus of this multi-faceted site. The site houses essays in which approach is analytical, imaginative and experiential.

Gaia Mind
Home page of an organization which supports research into the global nature of Consciousness.

Geometric Theory of Consciousness
An attempt to explain consciousness in terms of 4-dimensional geometry.

Geraint Rees Home Page
The neuroscience of consciousness. Many published articles by Dr. Rees are made available here.

Global Consciousness Project
Presents scientifically rigorous experiments on consciousness coordinated by Roger Nelson's team at Princeton.

Honderich on Consciousness as Existence
First of the philosopher Ted Honderich's papers on the idea that perceptual consciousness is a kind of existence of things or a world.

INACS Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies
Organization researching such areas as mind/brain/machine interface, anomalous consciousness, and lucid dreaming.

Intuition - Its Powers and Perils
An introduction to the powers and perils of intuition, plus related essays and links to leading researchers.

JCS-Online -- Digest of the Key Debates
Home page of moderated email forum devoted to discussion of articles in the Journal of Consciousness Studies. With a digest of some of the most interesting past debates.

Journal of Consciousness Studies.
Useful links on Consciousness Studies, plus contents and some materials from the journal..

Journal of Mind and Behavior
An established psychology print journal that frequently publishes articles on consciousness.

Julian Jaynes Society
Society for the discussion of Jaynes' bicameral mind theory of consciousness. Includes bibliography (with some abstracts and full-text articles), members-only area, and online application form.

Knowledge, Possibility, and Consciousness
Brie Gertler reviews this book by John Perry. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

The Light Millennium
Articles on the relationship of light to the phenomenon of consciousness.

Making Robots Conscious of their Mental States
Article by Artificial Intelligence pioneer John McCarthy (dated 19-Jul-1999).

Max Velmans on Consciousness
Gives access to publications by this well known, non-dualist and non-reductionist, consciousness researcher and psychologist. Many of his papers are available online here, plus abstracts of others and blurbs of his 3 books on the subject with links to reviews.

Metaphors of the Mind
Dr. Sam Vaknin considers the appropriateness of metaphors, particularly the computer metaphor, used to describe the brain.

Metaphysics by Default
Combines concepts from philosophy and science to describe a hypothetical framework for considering transmigration of consciousness.

Metasubjective Cognition Beyond the Brain
Essay by Titus Rivas subtitled "Subjective awareness and the location of concepts of consciousness".

Mind, Consciousness, and Language
The relationships between mind, consciousness, & language. Webmaster Giorgio Marchetti aims to provide users the opportunity to present their researches in these fields, and to inform about activities and researches carried out worldwide.

The MindWarp deals with various technologies for the alteration of consciousness - chemical, electronic, and rhythmic.

Mystery of the Soul
Presents a practical approach to the mystery of consciousness.

A refereed, electronic, open access, interdisciplinary journal of neuroscience and quantum physics. Also brings perspectives from philosophy, psychology, and artificial intelligence to bear on the problems of consciousness and mind.

New York University Research Seminar on Consciousness.
Prepared for a seminar conducted by Ned Block and Thomas Nagel, this page provides links to papers by a distinguished roster of contemporary philosophers.

Omnipresent Consciousness and Freedom of Choice
A solution to the problem of free will.

On Minds' Localization .
Essya suggestin that observers are put in operative connection or disconnection with the surrounding occurrences by the physiologically modulated motion of unidentified microphysical particles.

On the possibility of laws that govern the nature of consciousness
Perceptual information and consciousness studies.

The Penrose-Hameroff Model of Consciousness
Information and scholarly publications on theories concerning neuronal microtubules as the microsites of consciousness through quantum effects.

Phenomenology and Neurodynamics.
Homepage of Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, making available his drafts and articles.

Presence - The book
Offering excerpts from a book that tries to define existence through experimential exploration of the functioning of consciousness.

PSYCHE: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness
A refereed on-line journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of consciousness and its relation to the brain from the perspectives of cognitive science, philosophy, psychology, physics, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence.

Quantum Resonance Theory
A grand unified theory of consciousness, based on mysticism (primarily Kabbalah) and quantum theory.

The Question of Animal Awareness
Paper about animal consciousness, by Esteban Rivas and Titus Rivas, in science and the human-animal Relationship, 1993.

Research on the Global Nature of Consciousness
Synopsis of two projects using random event generators to investigate Consciousness.

Science & Philosophy of Consciousness
An empirical approach to consciousness including reviews of philosophical concepts and neuroscience.

Science of Consciousness
A theory of the conscious mind, by Norman Stubbs.

Some Concepts of Consciousness
Consciousness as a mongrel concept by Ned Block.

Staged Present - Attending to the Mystical on the Stage of Working Memory
Thesis by Nadia Delicata discussing consciousness, mystical experience, and an experiment concerning the effect of focused attention on working memory.

Studies on Consciousness
Study of consciousness, mind and cognition. Contains regular reviews, essays and a bibliography on the subject.

Theories of Consciousness
Essays on consciousness, as defined by Philip Dorrell: "A system for deciding whether or not to do the thing that you were going to do next". Also, why Roger Penrose is wrong.

Unified Reality Theory
Steven Kaufman attempts to demonstrate that the source of reality is a universal consciousness, that we are in no way separable from that source, and so in no way truly separable from each other or any other aspect of reality.

Unified theory of the nervous system & behavior
New theory that takes the mathematical concept of nerve cell interactions as being a form of mathematics that links neural activity to psychology.

University of Philosophical Research
Based in Los Angeles, and offering a master's degree in consciousness studies with "a curriculum that integrates the Ancient Wisdom traditions with the latest findings in Science and Psychology".

View from the Stranger's Gallery
An oratorio attempting to render in music the internal and external influences that inform one's experience of consciousness, and which traces the current debate in cognitive science in a post-dualist world.

Virtual Reality: Consciousness Really Explained
A radical scientific and evolutionary hypothesis about the origin of mind. By Jerome Iglowitz.

Center for studies of the traditional Amazonian hallucinogen ayahuasca, and its effects on consciousness. Includes information about the center, its seminars and presenters, and "ethenogenic" drugs in general. Located in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Why the efficacy of consciousness cannot be limited to the mind
Titus Rivas' essay argues that consciousness must ultimately have an impact on the physical world.


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