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Society: Issues: Survivalism

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The Alpha Disaster Contingencies
Information on areas of disaster preparedness, self-reliance, rescue, all aspects of disaster avoidance, survival skills and human rights.

The American Civil Defense Association
The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA) is a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to providing strategic civil defense, disaster preparedness and disaster mitigation solutions to all sectors of American society and abroad, and to promoting reasonable disaster preparedness activities and sanctity of life for all. This site has significant content in the Resource Libraries section.

Survival, preparedness, and self-sufficiency. Emphasis on bugout and primitive survival. Contains many survival oriented FAQs and some basic storage lists.

Australian Survivalist
Information on survival, preparedness, the impact of Y2K, and self-sufficiency in Australia.

BlueWolf Survival and Preparedness
Information for different levels of survival awareness. There are pages for beginners, the intermediate, and the advanced.

Calamity, à la Carte
Pages on preparations and news on a collapse of everything.

Disaster Preparedness and Response
Collection of information and links for disaster plans, policies, and guidelines used by libraries and museums.

DoubleOught's Survival Station
Online bookstore offering survival related books, links to survival sites, links to gun related sites, a message board, an online catalog offering military, survival, and hunting and camping supplies.

End Times Report
Includes fallout prediction maps and preparation information for emergencies.

Equipped to Survive
A comprehensive online resource for independent reviews of survival equipment and outdoor gear, as well as search and rescue information.

Food Shelf Life Recommendations
Detailed information on interpreting expiration codes and shelf-life of stored foods.

How To Survive A Chemical Or Biological Attack
Download this guide to surviving a chemical or biological attack. Information about how to prepare in advance, how to react in the event of an attack, and how to recognize an attack when it's happening.

3K88: Oil Crisis
Provides an introduction to the peak oil situation and links to sites related to natural gas and oil reserves.

Kurt Saxon's Preparedness Web Pages
The world's life support systems are coming apart. Includes information on how to build one, self reliance for individuals and communities.

Nuclear War Survival Skills
Information about self help civil defense. Provides the basic facts about nuclear weapon effects and what can be done for protection. There are 18 chapters available for reading.

A site devoted to simple living and self reliance and to the lifestyle known as possum living began by Dolly Freed.

Path Finder Publications
Books by Don Paul about unique survival and outdoor methods.

Planetwide Exodus' Home Page
Offers information on survival, lifestyle, and current events.

Protect and Survive
An archive of UK civil defense material dating from the 1950s to the 1980s. Includes the famous Protect and Survive leaflet and seven other documents.

Information highlighting training and preparedness.

Safer Living Seminars of Seattle
Safer Living Seminars encapsulate years of research and include facts not readily available to the public.

School of Self-Reliance
Research, test, teach/guide, and publish in all aspects of self-reliance.

Secrets of Survival
Variety of topics designed to teach you how to survive all manner of natural and un-natural disasters.

S.O.S. Investigations
Offers military manuals on CD-ROM, charging shipping and handling only. Also offers manual free, via email.

Survival Bill
Includes articles on various disaster and survival scenarios. Also includes a forum.

Survival, Disaster Preparedness, Food Storage and Shelters
A how to book on general preparedness, preparing for energy blackouts, earth changes, war, other threats and building underground shelters.

Survival Fighting
What a survival group or family should do about defending itself against a concerted effort of armed freebooters, includes group defense.

Survival Files
Offers a variety of survival information and links.

Survival Forum
An online survival community with forums, news, discussions and resources.

Survival Plus Dot Com
Kurt Saxon is the father of survivalism. For years, he's collected knowledge on trades, crafts, cottage industries and survival skills.

Survival Table of Contents
The Air Cavalry table of contents to extensive online survival information.
An online survival community with forums, news and discussions for people to share thoughts, ideas and experiences for personal preservation.

Survivalists tend to be the strongest mix of politics, self-reliance, and radicalism. As a result, the text files written have a varied blend of viewpoints, includes many text files available for download.

Survivalring Home Page
Main site includes probable attack maps, information, down loadable files, and forums. "Study Yesterday...Prepare Today...Live Tomorrow."

Team Delta Authentic Military Experiences
An elite unit of former military personnel that offers realistic military experiences.

The Widening Gyre
A preparedness resource for the UK, that includes information, file downloads, a bulletin board, and a chat room.

The Work E-Books
Information pages concerning survival issues including nuclear war, societal structure, and world news. Also original e-books in categories such as survival, fiction, children's, and computer stationery patterns.


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