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AFU and Urban Legends Archive
- Material from the alt.folklore.urban usenet group. Urban Legends and Folklore
Articles, links, and an archive of urban and internet folklore.

BellaOnline: Urban Legends
Weekly updates on the newest urban legends, plus articles on all of the classics.

Calypso's Urban Legends
Small collection of famous urban legends.

The Cat in Urban Mythology
Essay by Sarah Hartwell discussing the images of the cat in urban legends.

Christian Urban Legends
Documents known urban legends and pious frauds.

Christians United For The Truth
Aims to debunk internet and email hoaxes as well as myths; membership includes monthly newsletter and forum digest.

Common E-mail Hoaxes
A list of some of the more popular internet hoaxes, urban legends, rumors, and junk, circulated through your email.

Don't Spread That Hoax!
Debunking hoaxes as well as urban legends that spread on the internet.

Don't Talk To Them
Local legends lists details of the village-idiots, nutters, weirdos and deviants we all know and love.

Dr. Jan Harold Brunvand
Official site of the folklorist who wrote several books on urban legends beginning with "The Vanishing Hitchhiker". Features personal and professional information, works, and a FAQ.

Envasion: Making Paranoia Fun Again
E-zine dedicated to urban legends, paranoia, and conspiracy theories.

Information about hoaxes, chain letters, urban myths and other bogus information being routed around the internet.

Information about email hoaxes; includes weekly newsletter, archives and list of the latest email hoaxes.

The Horse and the Maiden: An Urban Legend in Ancient Athens
Article by Lowell Edmunds, Rutgers University.

HowStuffWorks: How Urban Legends Work
What they are, where they come from, and why they spread so quickly.

Is the Hotel California in the Eagles' song located in Todos Santos, Mexico?
Dispels the myth that this Eagles song was written about a hotel in Todos Santos, Mexico.

Jan Harold Brunvand
Transcript of an interview with folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand, author of "Too Good to be True - The Colossal Book of Urban Legends."

LIEmails: The Truth About E-mail Lies
E-mail hoaxes debunked, from a Christian point of view.

Matt's Urban Legends
A collection of urban legends and superstitions.

The Museum of Hoaxes
A reference guide to hoaxes, pranks, practical jokes, frauds, tricks, and other forms of deception. Urban Folklore
Urban legends and beliefs gathered from across the net.

Radek's Urban Legend Central
Small collection of urban legends and other stories.

Rocket Car Story
A possibly true story about four guys who attach a jet engine to their car. Urban Legends Reference Pages
Attempts to give accurate information about rumors and urban legends on a variety of topics, including war, business, events, toxins, science, military, popular culture.

"The Hook..."
Variants and analysis of this classic urban legend.
Devoted to American folklore and urban legends.

Too Good to Be True
Review of Jan Harold Brunvand's book on urban legends, with excerpt.

Tourist Of Death
A site maintaining the history of the WTC Rooftop Tourist picture hoax, and all copycat pictures resulting from the original picture.

The Urban Legend Combat Kit
Collection of prepared responses to refute oft cited internet myths and urban legends.

Urban Legends & Modern Myths
Collection of urban legends, modern myths and American folklore.

Urban Legends & Superstitions Online
The most popular urban legends and superstitions including local legends based in New Jersey.

Urban Legends: An Electronic Art Exhibit
A virtual gallery of multimedia artistic representations of urban legends, by Sarah Wichlacz.

Urban Myths & Legends
Submitted stories and other fantastic messages.

Weird USA
Gazette of urban legends and beliefs, as well as ghost sightings and hauntings.    XML Feeds: