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Nathanson Center for the Study of Organized Crime.
- Academic site featuring a searchable bibliographic database, articles on the evolving techniques of criminals and crimefighters, periodic newsletters, and a categorized collection of related links. Crime and Punishment
Articles, news, and annotated link directory covering crime and organized crime around the world. Organized Crime
Collection of documents, essays and speeches relating to crime, categorized by region and type.

The American Mafia: Kefauver Committee Reports
Full text of the interim and final reports of the U.S. Senate Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce, 1950-1951.

American Organized Crime
Collection of articles on organized crime and the Mafia in the USA, focused on gangsters in New York and Chicago before and during the Prohibition.

American Organized Crime: Two Men Can Keep a Secret, If One is Dead
Site provides information on ethnic organized crime - including Irish Mob, Italian Cosa Nostra, Russian Organizitskya, Albanian Mob - and street gangs. Mob boss succession, mug shots and articles on underworld wars are also provided.

AML Canada
Resources, references and links relating to anti-moneylaundering, proceeds of crime and asset forfeiture law and programs in Canada

Asian Organized Crime in Australia
A 1995 discussion paper by the Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority. Paper deals with Chinese (Triads), Vietnamese and Japanese (Yakuza) ethnic criminal entities in Australia.

Black Market News
Updates on organized crime from news sources around the world. Deals with black markets, government corruption, and inadequate government intervention.

Criminal Justice Resources: Organized Crime
Compilation of web resources on American and international organized crime with detailed descriptions.

FBI: Investigative Programs - Organized Crime
The Bureau defines its Organized Crime Program. Site includes discussions of transnational crime, regional/ethnic studies, applicable statutes (such as RICO) and case summaries.

Gang Land
Jerry Capeci, longtime reporter and columnist with The New York Daily News, shares his perspective on organized crime. Site includes histories of the regional crime families, weekly columns, biographies of underworld figures.

Features a database of organized crime families and notable historic events, photographs, mugshots, newspaper clippings, and official documents

Online discussion group for true crime writers, researchers. Site features a forum and polls. Forum message text is available as an RSS News Feed.

Gangsters Incorporated
Profiles of major crime families and gangsters. Includes a discussion forum.

International Association for the Study of Organized Crime
Professional association founded in 1984 to promote understanding and research. Site contains member list, book reviews, news, links.

IPSN: Bill Roemer on Las Vegas Mobsters
A former FBI agent's discussion of mob involvement in Sin City gambling.

News items and observations about the American Mafia and other elements of worldwide organized crime.

Mr. Murder
A collection of stories and photos relating to organized crime and law enforcement. Photos are provided of gangster gravesites and noteworthy crime scenes.

NewCriminologist: Organized Crime News
News and history articles from the criminology journal's online edition. Some content available only to paid members.

Organized Crime Research
Articles, abstracts, book reviews and links with a focus on criminal organizations in the U.S. and in Germany.

Organized Crime Syndicates
Listings of organized crime groups throughout the USA and worldwide. Biographical entries, mugshots, chatroom, forum for questions and comments.

Reputed Links to Organized Crime
An irreverant organized crime site, with links to other sites.

Stop Organized Stalking
Information on a form of gang intimidation. Site includes photos and videos.

Suite Organized Crime Issues
Provides history and updates related to organized crime, with information about specific wiseguys and crime history events.

Transnational Crime and Corruption Center
Devoted to better understanding of crime scope and causes and to formulating policy to reduce the problem.

United Nations: Office on Drugs and Crime
UNODC is mandated to assist member states in the struggle against illicit drugs, crime and terrorism. Site includes an overview of criminal activity and U.N. efforts to combat it, also regional assessments of West Africa and Central Asia.

Wikipedia: Albanian Mafia
Article looks at ethnic Albanian organized crime groups, including New York's Rudaj gang.

Wikipedia: Herman K. Beebe
Article on the reputed mob-affiliated banker linked to a dozen failed Savings and Loans.

Wikipedia: Jamaican Posse
Article discusses the history and activities of this coalition of New York-based gangs.

Wikipedia: Organized Crime
Article defines the topic, explores varieties of criminal rackets and the organizations engaged in them

An organized crime discussion forum dealing both with true crime and with fictional representations of the criminal world.

NPR : Hidden Treasures: A Museum for the Mob
Broadcast: Las Vegas's proposed organized crime museum draws criticism. (May 21, 2004)    XML Feeds: