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- Rapid development of space using material from asteroids near Earth and from the Moon.

Aceize - Space Colonization Research
Articles on technologies and science for human space colonization.

AIAA - Space Colonization Technical Committee
Committee of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics formed in 2002, to promote the identification and development of advanced concepts, science, and technology that will support, enhance and enable permanent human presence in space.

The Apollo Society
Organization dedicated to advance space exploration and the establishment of human communities beyond Earth.

Artificial Gravity
Articles on rotating structures by Ted Hall, with links to dissertation, conference papers, and software.
Study of sociological aspects of space exploration and settlement.

Beanstalk elevator
"Virtual beanstalk" amateur design group for a (small scale) space elevator.

Bioastronautics Roadmap at NASA
NASA analysis of critical research and development issues, particularly relating to medical needs, for human exploration and settlement of space; focus on space station, Moon, and Mars mission concepts.

The Case for Space
Articles and short stories by Robert Weidner, on various roads to space colonization.

Centripetal Vivarium Space Habitats
Advocates, as preferable to lunar colonisation or terraforming, the construction of huge manufactured living spaces that can be spun to create gravitational effects.

DaedalusaL4 Guide
Detailed design study for a 10,000 person space settlement in Earth orbit, using current technology. 2000 Grand Prize Winner in Space Settlement Design Contest.

Denie's Off World Training
Bodybuilding, weight training, and related matters, with this section covering the problems and need for resistance machine activities in zero-g.

Foundation Future 25
Emerging platform for long-term thinking, acting and growth. Supporting space colonization and the development of life and humanity on earth earth, the planets and in the universe.

Galleria 2433
Ideas for colonizing the moon, Mars, the asteroid belt and the galaxy.

Inter PlaNetary Internet
Internet Society special interest group focused on deep space, long time-lag communications.

International Space Settlement Design Competition
An annual event in which teams of high school students prepare designs for cities in space.

Interstellar Missions
News of breakthroughs in propulsion physics and the search for extra-solar planets that will enable missions beyond the solar system.

Island One Society
Propulsion systems, business ideas, archives of space meetings and journals, and political advocacy for the space frontier.

L5: First City In Space
IMAX 3D film (1996) on how humans may live and travel in our solar system a century from now.

Laying the Foundation for Space Solar Power: (2001)
National Research Council study of NASA's late 1990's space solar power efforts.

Living on Green Islands in Space
Information about O'Neill-type orbiting habitats and why we may want to built them.

NASA Ames - Space Settlement Contests
Annual design contest for school-age kids, grades 6-12. Links to winning designs.

National Space Society Roadmap for the Settlement of Space
List of Milestones and Barriers to Space Settlement

Notable Nearby Stars
Information about nearby star systems out to 65 light years.

Office of Space Commercialization
US Government office - studies on market for space tourism, satellite industry, and other aspects of space development.

Oregon L5 Society
Oregon chapter of the National Space Society; many studies and reports on in-situ resource utilization and related aspects of space development.

The Preparation
Links between nanotechnology and space colonization; essays on the transhuman future.

Space Colonies
Full text of the 1977 CoEvolution book _Space Colonies_, which is now out of print.

Space Colony Artwork 1970s
A collection of images from early NASA work on large-scale space habitats.

Space Colony Terra Nova: Beyond 2001
Full design from the first place winner (Individual grade 10-12) in the 1997 NASA-Ames Space Settlement Design Contest

Space Elevator Reference
Scientific, engineering, economic and policy challenges inherent in constructing the solar systems first space elevator.

The Space Flag
A flag designed to be flown by supporters of space colonization.

The Space Frontier Foundation
Articles, discussion sites, meetings, and government advocacy dedicated to opening the space frontier as rapidly as possible.

Space Settlement
Discusses the space settlement proposals of Gerard K. O'Neill, as popularized in his book "The High Frontier". Features pictures and a FAQ.

Space Settlement
NASA research office offering introduction to the subject with studies, on-line books, links and a student contest.

Space Settlement - Colonizing the Cosmos
Al Globus' studies, reviews, and links on the subject of O'Neill-style space settlements.

Space Settlement - National Space Society
Collection of essays, articles, studies, and other reference materials on all aspects of colonizing and settling space.

Space Settlement Initiative
A proposal to grant ownership of land on the moon and Mars to companies that establish settlements and agree to sell passage to anyone willing to pay a fair price.

The Space Settlement Institute
A non-profit association founded to help promote space colonization; emphasis on property rights law.

The Space Settlers' Society
contacts and articles on European space advocacy, ramjets, and space tourism.

Space Solar Power Monitor
News, discussion, links to latest information on SSP.

Space Solar Power Workshop
Discussion of the energy path for space development.

Space Studies Institute
The organization founded by Gerard O'Neill, with detailed information about his space settlement proposals.
AIAA subcommittee on aerospace architecture in space and on Earth.

Starships and Space Colonies
Technology and engineering discussion of possible orbital space colonies designs.


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