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ALA News Archive
Collected headlines related to US libraries, grouped by month of publication. Archives go back to 1997.

Americans for Libraries Council
A US national organization dedicated to information equity, literacy and the preservation and renewal of libraries. Offers research and advocacy programs, planning and training, forums, and publications.

BUBL Information Service
An Internet-based information service for the UK higher education community.

ERIC Digests on Libraries
Offers an annotated list with links to ERIC Digests that relate to libraries, librarianship, and library science.

Institute of Museum and Library Services
An independent US federal agency supporting museums and libraries of all types.

Directory of library resource links organized by US states.

Libraries, Information and Society
Postings and information from this international, holist and free Internet discussion forum to promote the commons and openness values of public information, and knowledge.

Library Link of the Day
A daily link for library enthusiasts. Also available via e-mail or an RSS feed.

Library Lovers' Month
Offers library support groups some ideas for making February a month-long celebration of school, public, and private libraries of all types.

St. Jerome (331-420 A.D.)
A long biography of the patron of librarians, the most learned of the Fathers of the Western Church.

Stump the Librarian
List of correctly answered questions by reference librarians at Central Michigan University that were submitted as part of contest.

UNESCO Libraries Portal
Directory of online resources on librarianship and library science, as well as the websites of individual institutions.

Wikipedia - Libraries
Encyclopedia article which examines the history and issues relating to libraries.

You Are Not Alone (Maybe)
Frequently asked reference questions, posted by the University of Michigan's Internet Public Library.    XML Feeds: