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A+ Engineering
Suppliers of a wide range of vacuum equipment, including replacement parts for vacuum pumps, compressors and boosters. UK based.

Acmevac Sales Pvt. Ltd.
Sales of vacuum pumps and related equipment in India.

Adixen Alcatel Vacuum Technology
Designer and manufacturer of dry, turbo and rotary vane vacuum pumps, leak detection equipment, industrial vacuum systems and deep etching systems for mems. Based in France.

Adixen by Alcatel Vacuum Technology
Offers vacuum solutions for semiconductor production, analytical instruments, research and industrial applications.

Advanced Engineering Sales
Supplies industrial air and gas-handling equipment to hospitals, laboratories, semiconductor fabricators, and the manufacturing and biotechnology industries. US.

Agramkow Fluid Systems A/S
Provides fluid filling, electrical safety compliance and refrigeration leak detection equipment as well as vacuum pumps. Based in Denmark.

America ONE Surplus
Buy and sell used vacuum pumps and equipment.

Anver Vacuum Pumps
E-commerce site offers a full range of vacuum handling products, from miniature vacuum cups and vacuum pumps to complete Vacuum Lifting Systems.

Applied Vacuum CC
Steam jet ejector supplier including desuperheaters, vent silencers and injection heaters. Based in South Africa.

Arco Pumps
Fabrication and repairment of industrial liquid ring vacuum pumps. Based in Canada (ON).

Armstrong Pump & Service Company
Liquid ring vacuum pump sales and repair.

Sales and service repairs for vacuum equipment. Authorized distributor in South Texas (USA) for Gardner Denver products.

Associated Vacuum Technology Inc.
Sales and service of vacuum equipment. New and rebuild products as well as custom systems. US based (CA).

B & B Machine Inc.
Machine shop specializing in the servicing and repair of industrial vacuum pumps and their parts. US based (IL).

Becker Pumps Corp.
Manufactures rotary vane vacuum pumps, both 100% Oil-less, and oil-flooded; central vacuum systems; low pressure compressors; regenerative blowers; and, radial blowers. Industrial and medical applications. Applications engineering. Custom systems.

Bestech Co. Ltd.
Oil sealed rotary vacuum pumps, roots vacuum pumps, dry vacuum pumps, diffusion pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, vacuum chambers, vacuum gauges, vacuum coating machines, leak detecters.

Boxer Pmps
Offers diaphragm pumps for the delivery, pressure, and vacuum applications of up to 3.0l/min free flow. Also supplies pumps custom designed for specific requirements. Long-life and low temperature applications. Low current models for portable equipment.

UK based suppliers of commercial vacuum pumps and associated equipment including rotary screws and vanes, and claw pumps. Installation and technical support available.

Brain Industries
Provides technology and equipment to solve cleaning and material handling problems using the principles of pneumatic conveying. Product range includes vacuum pumps and systems. Based in Australia.

Busch, Inc.
Manufactures industrial and commercial vacuum pumps.

Carroll Vacuum Corp.
Vacuum pump repair and service for all major brands and types of vacuum pumps: dry, rotary vane, piston, roots, and turbo pumps. 18 month warranty.

Charles Austen Pumps Ltd
Manufacturer of OEM vacuum pumps and compressors, laboratory, condensate and liquid pumps in the UK.

Clinch River Corporation
Authorized service center for Dresser Roots vacuum pumps and blowers.

Combined Fluid Products
Master distributor and parts & repair service center for vacuum pumps, air compressors, blowers, air knives, and filters. Oil-less, diaphragm, piston, wob-l piston, linear, vibrating armature, and rotary vane vacuum pumps.

CompreVac Inc.
Sales and service of air compressors, vacuum pumps and related equipment in Canada.

Conquest West Inc.
Distributor of vacuum pump oils for semiconductor and vacuum coating industries. Products include silicone and polyphenyl ether diffusion pump fluids. US based (CA).

Corsair Vacuum Systems
A UK coarse vacuum system provider for process industries. Exclusive distributor of Samson pumps and blowers and agent for Equirepsa ejectors, heat exchangers and hybrid vacuum groups.

Cumberland Vacuum
Suppliers of parts and fluids for vacuum pumps. Includes product catalog and specifications.

Cutes Corp.
Designs, manufactures and repair liquid ring vacuum pump. Taiwan based.

Cutes Europe
Manufactures large liquid ring vacuum pumps and offers complete vacuum systems for dewatering applications in filter and paper industry. Based in Germany.

Danielson Vacuum Products
Servicing the vacuum pump systems & equipment industry including water desorption devices & systems, industrial diaphragm vacuum pumps, and vacuum pump technology and science.

Dekker Vacuum Technologies
Distributor of liquid ring vacuum pumps. Includes information on services, technical references and a product catalogue.

DryVac Co.
Sales and service for vacuum pumps. US based (CA).

Manufacturer of vacuum pumps and compressors in Italy.

Manufacturer of industrial vacuum systems for space simulation, optical coating, sputtering, and plasma processing. Equipment is available in a wide range of sizes and process configurations. US based (MA).

EDCO USA Vacuum Products
Manufacturer of Industrial venturi style vacuum pumps, cups, and accessories for material handling. Specializing in custom solutions for difficult applications.
Source for used and reconditioned vacuum pumps and compressors. By nash_elmo.

Exceltek Company LLC
Offers a wide range of refurbished vacuum pumps as well as rebuild and repair services. US based (CA).

Freeze Dry Systems Ltd
Manufacturer of vacuum products used in the refrigeration, material handling, scientific and research, industrial and manufacturing industries. Based in New Zealand.

Graham Corporation
Designs and manufactures vacuum and heat transfer equipment including vacuum pumps, condensers, ejectors, Heliflow heat exchangers, process condensers, plate heat exchangers, water heaters, desuperheaters, and steam generators.

GS Vac Services
Restores and repairs vacuum pumps. Based in Florida.

Hargraves Technology Corporation
Designs and manufactures diaphragm pumps and compressors providing pressure and/or vacuum for the transport of air, gases, vapors, and liquids. With online store. US based.

Helix Technology Corporation
Designs, develops, manufactures, and sells high vacuum gauges and pumps for industrial, military and research markets. (Nasdaq: HELX).

Hey-Wel Mechanical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers of vacuum pumps and blowers in Taiwan.

HighVac Corporation's Home Page
Colorado distributor of rough and high vacuum pumps and systems, with extensive repair facilities.

Hudson Pump & Equipment Home Page
Distributor of fluid power equipment, and rotary vane and liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems, in Florida and So. Georgia.

HullVac Pump Corporation
US based (PA) manufacturer of vacuum pumps and equipment to companies in the metallizing, heat-treating and metals processing industries.

HyVac Products, Inc.
Manufactures vacuum pumps, fittings, filters, gauges, systems for vacuum industry. Excellent products and great prices.

Induction Atmospheres
Supplier of vacuum blowers. US based (NY).

Industrial Millwrighting & Maintenance
Distributor of vacuum pumps in Canada (ON). Specializing in vacuum furnace and pump repair as well as general industrial maintenance.

Jallo Equipment and Supply Inc.
Sells equipment to the printing, converting and related industries, including vacuum pumps.

Manufacturers of high vacuum pumps, refrigeration recovery equipment and air-conditioning service equipment.

J.M. Industries Vacuum Pump Rebuilding
Service center for vacuum pumps and blowers.

French supplier of vacuum pump spares and accessories.

Kay International Limited
Manufacturers of positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps in India.

Kelly Vacuum Technologies Inc.
Manufacturer of vacuum pumps, valves, and related parts and accessories. Includes product and service descriptions.

Kerrick Industries Ltd.
Supplier of vacuum equipment for industrial and commercial markets with extensive service and distribution network in Australia and New Zealand.

KNF Neuberger
Manufacturer of dry, oil-free diaphragm pumps, vacuum pumps, compressors, vacuum systems; specializing in corrosion-resistant air and gas pumps, and self-priming liquid pumps.

Laurence Well & Pump Co., Inc.
Builds and repairs vacuum and condinsate pumps, for over 30 years.

Le Vide Industriel
Specialists in industrial vacuums, compressors, liquid ring pumps, heaters, and gas scrubbers.

Leelam Industries
Manufacturer of vacuum pumps and systems in India.

Liquid Ring Pump Service and Repair
Rebuilds Nash vacuum pumps and compressors; stainless steel cladding.

Liquid Ring Services
Liquid ring pumps and compressors built to order for natural gas extraction and recovery.

Magdeburg Systems
US based (CA) industrial vacuum service company. Specialized in overhaul of mechanical vacuum pumps and boosters as well as blowers.

Marvac Scientific Manufacturing. Co.
Manufactures standard and custom vacuum pumps for industrial, laboratory and science schoolroom applications. Site includes photos and technical details of available models.

Masport, Inc.
Manufactures and supplies vacuum/pressure pumps, components, engine parts

Metys SA
Vacuum pumps and vacuum pump spare parts for Busch, Becker, Rietschle Gas flow measurement and control

Vacuum pump manufacturer and compressed air specialist for medical and industrial fields in France.

Moorfield Associates
Refurbished, previously owned vacuum pumps, vacuum technology and semiconductor equipment from the UK.

nash_elmo Industries
Specializing in liquid ring and dry vacuum pumps, gas compressors, side channel blowers, screw and rotary vane pumps, regenerative blowers and steam jet ejectors. US based (CT).

NetMotion Inc.
Oil-free for cleanroom use. Designed to minimize noise generation. Compact design with long term reliability.

Nexvac Inc.
Supplier of vacuum pumps and components with focus on semiconductor, automotive and advance materials’ equipment industries. US based (NH).

NSB Gas Processing AG
Supplier of liquid-ring vacuum pumps and compressors including systems. Formerly Sulzer Burckhardt, based in Basel, Switzerland.

Power Prime Pumps
Sells and rents vacuum-assist, self-priming trash pumps for moving liquids and semi-solids in mining, sewage, bypass, construction, dewatering, flood control applications. Also, manufactures special-build pumps, corrosion and abrasion resistant pumps.

PPI Pumps Pvt. Ltd.
Manufactures liquid vacuum and chemical process pumps.

Premier Fluid Systems
Marketing and servicing vacuum, liquid ring and rotary vane pumps, systems and compressor equipment from Travaini, PVR-Rotant and Alpha Laval.

PV Vacuum Engineering Pte Ltd
Specialized in providing vacuum application solutions covering residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Singapore.

Manufacturer of rotary vane vacuum pumps in Italy. Applications include vacuum packaging, chemical and processing industries as well as heat treatment.

Distributor of Rena water and air pumps for the industrial/commercial market. Applications include fountains, waterfalls, fluid transfer, irrigation, hydroponics, parts washing, photo processing, medical devices, laboratory products, electronics, gas analysis, wastewater treatment, bladder inflation.

Republic Sales and Manufacturing
Distributes and services vacuum pumps, compressors, blowers in TX, OK, LA, MS

Rietschle Thomas
Major manufacturer of pumps and compressors for original equipment manufacturers, end-users, and engineered systems customers.

Robuschi & C. S.p.A.
Pompe e soffiatori: pompe centrifughe, pompe per vuoto, compressori, soffiatori. Pumps & blowers: centrifugal pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, PD blowers, compressors, high vacuum pumps, positive displacement blowers.

Rocky Mount Vacuum Technology
Sales and support of vacuum pumps and systems. US based (VA).

Rotary vane vacuum pump repair and reconditioning
Withee, Wisconsin machine shop specializing in welding, and the reconditioning and repair of rotary vane vacuum pumps.

Shandong Boshan Vacuum Pump Plant
Manufacturer of water ring vacuum pumps and compressors in China.

Shandong Huifeng Machinery Group Corp
Manufacturers of vacuum pumps and blowers in China.

SIHI Pumps Americas
Manufactures liquid ring vacuum pumps, systems, and liquid pumps for various industries.

Somarakis, Inc.
Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors.

Squire-Cogswell/Aeros Instruments Inc.
Provider of medical gas equipment, including vacuum pumps and systems. US based (IL).

SR Associates, Inc.
Manufacturer's representative for vacuum and thermal process equipment in the sales territory of Eastern PA, New Jersey and New York.

Stanton Industries
Supplier of vacuum pump systems. US.

Sykes Australia
Manufactures solids-handling, dry-running pumps. Company is privately-owned, non-affiliated manufacturer with a factory in Newcastle (NSW). Southern hemisphere major manufacturer of vacuum-assisted self-priming pumps.

Technics Incorporation
Manufacturer of portable and oil-free vacuum pumps and air compressors for chemical, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Triton Industries, LLC
Mobile or skid mounted alternative to truck mounted vacuum systems. Liquid ring or rotary vane designs.

TTL Automation Corp.
Vacuum pumps, mechanical pumps, cryogenic pumps.

Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems
Manufacturer of rotary piston, liquid ring, dry and rotary vane vacuum pumps, and rotary positive blowers for industrial and trucking applications. Based in the US (IL).

United Vacuum Corp.
Reconditioning services and stock of surplus pumps. Repairs or rebuilds vacuum pumps and vacuum equipment. Stocks vacuum pump fluids, oil and exhaust filters, vacuum gauges, controllers.

US Vacuum Pumps
Full service distributor and service center for many brands. Specializes in accessories, replacement parts and repairs, used pumps, and rentals of vacuum, rotary, and dry pumps.

Vac Tech Inc.
Services and repairs all vacuum pumps including Edwards, Alcatel, Balzer, and Leybold. Located in Arizona.

Vac-Air Superstore
UK based supplier of new and reconditioned vacuum and rotary vane pumps as well as replacement spare parts. Hire units available.

US supplier of used high vacuum equipment for the electronic and optical research industries.

Vactek Inc.
Distributor and service center for vacuum pumps and boosters as well as blowers. US based (FL).

Vacuum Components Manufacture
Accurate flanges and fittings manufacturing, we represent a point of reference as to KF - ISO - CF.

Vacuum El System
Bulgarian manufacturer of vacuum pumps and systems as well as electrical process control equipment.

Vacuum pump for HVAC professionals
Toronline vacuum pump; designed specifically for American HVAC service professionals.

Vacuum Pump Repair
Vacuum pump repair. Custom designed vacuum systems.

Vacuum Solutions Australia
Provides industrial vacuum pumps and blowers for a wide range of applications. Based in Melbourne, Australia.

Vacuum Spares Ireland
Suppliers of industrial vacuum equipment, such as PVR rotant oil recirculating vacuum pumps and boosters.

Vooner Vacuum Pumps
Designs, manufactures and markets conical ported, liquid ring vacuum pumps with a distinct difference: durable cast stainless steel components and self-aligning removable bearing carriers.

Vuototecnica North America
Provides industrial vacuum pumps and equipment. Based in Canada (ON).

Water Ring Vacuum Pumps
Manufacturer of water ring vacuum pumps(Nash series).

Wintek Process Vacuum Systems
Custom vacuum pump systems designed to provide the most reliable type of vacuum pump to meet your requirements, for the chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental markets. Pump technologies offered include liquid ring, rotary vane, OTO rotary vane, dry, and steam jet types.

Yardley Pump and Vacuum
Calif. and So. Nev. distributor of vacuum pumps, compressors, blowers, and central systems. Services same. Manufactures and installs custom centralized systems.


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