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Monitor Data Acquisition Newsletter
- Free monthly newsletter covers PC-based data acquisition and control. It brings news of the latest scientific software and in-depth discussion of test and measurement techniques. It also offers subscribers free software which lets them connect RS232 instruments to Windows programs like Excel.

Abbey Systems Ltd
SCADA designer and manufacturer for the power, water, petrochemical and broadcasting industries.

Automation and Industrial Controls - Allen Bradley and Rockwell Automation.

Abzar Daghigh Fanavaran Co.
PC-based Industrial and Lab monitoring and automation systems.

ACCES I/O Products
Data acquisition and control products for PCI, PC/104, RS-485 and ISA buses, including digital I/O, isolated digital I/O, analog I/O and multi-function cards.

Acqiris Data Conversion Instruments
High speed data acquisition systems, high speed digitizers in PCI / CPCI / PXI or modular standalone instruments providing oscilloscope characteristics.

Acquisition Logic
Manufacturer of high-speed data acquisition boards, signal processing boards, and software.

Acquisition Systems Limited
UK based company integrates National Instrument's Lookout SCADA software into a wide variety of applications from pharmaceutical production to engine test beds.

ACR Systems
Portable data loggers and software for Process Control/Industrial.

Automation and control systems integrator in Asia.

Adept Scientific
Data acquisition hardware, software and information.

Data acquisition and analysis systems for research and teaching in the life and physical sciences.

ADLINK Technology
Provider of communications, embedded computing, test & measurement, and automated systems

Advanced Building Concept
Solutions for control, supervision, monitoring and communication of the technical functions within any building.

Advanced Integration Group
Control systems engineering.

Advanced Test and Measurements Solutions
Electronic test and data acquisition equipment, complete system solutions, integration and LabVIEW training.

Aerodyn Engineering, Inc.
Testing, instrumentation and measurement solutions. AEI offers in-house lab facilities with precision high tolerance machining capacities.

Agile Integration
Suppliers of electronic measurement and control equipment for R&D, test and inspection labs, manufacturing and industry, automation processes, education and science labs.

Allied Monitoring Systems
Data acquisition, industrial automation and remote monitoring.

AMASS Data Technologies Inc
Distributed control modules for the industrial control marketplace and related sensors for the environment.

Remote control and management solutions.

Analytical Automation, LLC
Provide PLC programming, HMI configuration, networking and other services to fully integrate plant automation SCADA systems.
Customised alarm annunciators.

Apex Embedded
Supply PC/104 analog and digital I/O cards: high resolution and low drift for OEMs in military, aerospace, scientific and communication applications.

Control system consulting services for industrial control applications in the metals, glass, automotive, manufacturing, and process control industries.

Appareils Vettiner
Accurate Electrical Measurements

Asec Solutions
Transducers and instrumentation for the measurement of physical parameters like Load, Pressure, Vacuum, and Humidity.

Astro-Med, Inc.
Manufactures digital acquisition and recording systems for aerospace, industrial, and medical research applications. Two other product families including color label printing systems.

Astro-Tronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of data acquisition, telemetry and telecommunications products.

Atair Aerospace
Aerial data acquisition systems.

Athena Microsystem Solutions LLC
Hall-effect current sensing modules, SIMMStick modules and Wireless modules.

Audon Electronics
Supplies low-cost data acquisition and control hardware and software

Automation Forum
A forum to discuss automation, motion control, process control.

Automation Systems Integrators
PLC, SCADA and shop floor data collection.

Azova Solutions
Monitoring and control of temperature and humidity for a variety of industries such as food, pharmaceutical, cold storage, lumber, museums and health care.

Manufacturer of USB data acquisition and control boards.

Biopac Systems, Inc.
Manufactures data acquisition and analysis systems for research and education.

Manufacturer of Valve Accessories and Controls for the process industry.

Bonnington Electronics
Solutions to environmental, industrial and automotive data acquisition problems.

Botech AB
Web based SCADA/HMI integrated building automation software.

Brainchild Electronic Co., Ltd.
Temperature controllers, process controllers and paperless recorders.

C2 Services
SCADA systems and electronics primarily for the natural gas industry.

CALCULEX, Inc. Engineering
Ruggedized, laboratory, modular nonvolatile solid state (MONSSTR) data acquisition recorders and PCI bus interface (PBIF) cards are used throughout the data acquisition and control industries.

Caledonia Instrumentation Ltd
Supplier of process instrumentation to a wide spectrum of industries.

Campbell Scientific
Stand-alone, battery-powered data acquisition systems for use in almost any industry.

Designer and manufacturer of compact flash data acquisition enabling PDAs and hand-held computers to communicate with sensors and actuators, and bolt force sensors.

Manufacture a range of radio remote control and signaling products including transmitters, receivers and antenna for agricultural and industrial monitoring applications.

CGC Instruments
Data acquisition and analysis for research, teaching and industry. Development of electronic instruments and software.
Online shop for quality charts and pens for industrial and medical chart recorders at bargain prices.

Charterhouse Solutions
Products and integration services using National Instruments LabVIEW and data acquisition products. (UK)

Chase Scientific Company
Providers of data acquisition equipment, waveform, clock, and noise source generators.

SCADA/HMI Automation Software for PC. Suitable for various industries including automotive, chemicals and manufacturing. Operates with Microsoft NT or Windows 95.

Climate and Location Link
Wireless data loggers for all types of industry.

C&M Technology, Inc.
Specialize in industrial automation equipment and oceanographic control and monitoring instrumentation.

Coastal Electronics
Radio based SCADA system design and integration.

Coencorp Inc.
Manufacturer of computerized data acquisition and energy measurement systems. Applications include fuel and fleet management, and electricity metering. Includes online presentations and brochures.

Comtrol Corporation
Products to enable data communications for remote LAN and Internet access for process control and management.

Control Engineering Virtual Library
List of control related conferences, companies, journals, professional societies and universities with control departments and programs.

Control System Integrators
CSi offers engineering and integration services to a diverse group of industries.

ControLinx Technologies Inc
Wireless AB DF1 and Modbus RTU for industrial data collection systems.

Corporate Consulting, Service & Instruments
Computerized data acquisition systems for laboratory applications.

Cranfield Data Systems
Data acquisition & analysis for vibration, rotating machinery, shock, fatigue, modal, acoustics & flight flutter.

CSE Global
Intelligent remote terminal units, programmable logic controllers and data acquisition products.

Swissranger 3D camera measurement system.

Custom Micro Products Ltd
Smart Card Readers, Access Control, Shop Floor Data Collection.

CV Chemandy Electronics
Small radio frequency test aids and kits, with technical data and calculators with formulas.

Temperature and data loggers for the food industry, air conditioning, refrigeration, transportation, pharmacies, process control and quality assurance.

SCADA hardware and software manufacturer. Serving electric utility, gas and petroleum, and transportation markets.

Daqpoint Benelux
Supplier of data acquisition hardware and software.

DAT instruments
Automation systems and software, data acquisition devices.

Data Acquisition from ADAC Corp
PCI, ISA and PCMCIA plug-in data acquisition boards, signal conditioning, windows software industrial PCs.

Data Translation
Manufacturer of PCI, ISA and USB data acquisition boards, software, hardware and signal conditioning accessories.
Information on data acquisition tools for industry. Topics include DAQ hardware, software, signal conditioning and computerized maintenance management software (CMMS).

Analog & digital input/output boards with free software developer's kit.

Supplier of data acquisition, signal conditioning, thermocouple data loggers and daq solutions.

Providing remote monitoring and control solutions for a wide variety of industries including: hvac, building automation, access control, process control, energy metering and load shedding.

DATAQ Instruments
Ready-to-run data acquisition hardware and software products for industrial applications.

DataQwest, Inc.
Develops, manufactures and services remote tank monitoring, data acquisition and logging products

Remote site, wireless monitoring and process data collection.

Datcon Industrial Instrumentation
Primary industrial instrumentation.

Manufactures DC/DC converters, data acquisition and conversion components, digital panel meters, and sampling A/D converters.

Daytronic Corporation
Manufacturer of front-end stand-alone signal conditioning instruments, data acquisition systems and sensors.

DCC Corporation
Manufacturer of HotMux thermocouple data logger.

Debus and Diebold Me├čsysteme GmbH
High performance and light-weight data acquisition systems.

delabs Industrial Schematics
Around 300 electronic circuits and technical documents.

Digital Automation
Data acquisition systems.

Digitron Instrumentation Limited
Manufacturers of hand held digital instruments and loggers specialising in the food industry. Products measure temperature, pressure, and relative humidity.

Provider of bulk signal processing solutions including a quad FCM pulse compressor and floating point FFT processor.

Drallim Industries
Monitoring systems for emergency valves, high voltage cables & telecommunications cables

D-TACQ Solutions Ltd
Manufactures simultaneous data acquisition boards, systems and networked appliances.

Durrschmidt Dynamics Incorporated, Houston Texas
Installation and troubleshooting of industrial and scientific instrumentation and control.

Dyne Systems
Manufacturer of dynamometers, digital single- and multi-loop controls, data acquisition, system integration and automation for dynamometer test cell applications. USA.

Eagle Technology
PC-based data acquisition boards, including analog input & output, digital input & output, relay, thermocouple and counter/timer boards.

LonWorks network resource.

eDAQ Pty Ltd.
Manufactures data recording systems for electrochemistry, teaching, chromatography, research, and flow analysis. Includes product range, application notes, and technical support.

E+E Elektronik
Transmitters, sensors, calibration systems and data loggers for measurement of relative humidity, air velocity and temperature.

Effective Objects
Data acquisition DSP boards and instruments for real-time processing and control. Hardware and software development services.

Electron Systems Ltd.
Electronics consultancy providing specialist data acquisition, SCADA, process control and measurement systems.

Electronic Energy Control, Inc.
Supplies analog to digital relay interface for connection to RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or USB.

EMR Radio and Telemetry
Irish firm doing radio-based SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

Process control systems for industrial measurement and automation technology.

EngTech, Inc.
Data Aquisition, instrumentation, software development, repair, and engineering services

Sensors, signal conditioning, controllers...

Design and manufacture data acquisition systems for test and measurement.

ETI Instrument Systems, Inc.
Provides scour monitors, precipitation gauges and measurement and control systems.

ETS Data Acquisition
Data acquisition units for engine, vehicle and mechanical applications.

Supplies data acquisition, signal conditioning and instrumentation equipment and software. Netherlands.

Eurotherm Chessell
Manufactures recording, monitoring and data acquisition equipment. A division of Invensys Field Measurement and Control.

EVM Soft
RS232 Monitor. Serial port communication tool.

Exacq Data Acquisition Products
PC-based data acquisition, measurement and automation products.

EXACT Sensor Technology
Manufacture high precision sensors (load cells, pressure gages, strain gages) and automatic systems.

Expert Controls
Provide hardware systems to control process and plant, with turn-key Wonderware HMI.

FEDD Wireless, LLC
Wireless data acquisition including single or multi-point sensors, remote start/stop and more. Fully integrates into existing monitoring infrastructure.

Flexible Industrial Solutions Inc.
Electrical controls design and build, project management, PLC and robot programming, panel build, wiring, contracting and service.

Manufacturer of high-speed data acquisition units (customized software and hardware for linking devices to PC - based on USB2.0).

Flextek Electronics
Control, automation and test in industrial, commercial, and educational applications.

Florite International Inc.
Instruments to monitor, communicate, and control all physical variables: Fluids, Temperature, Gases, and Pressure, plus embedded devices in third party products.

Fluidic Ltd.
Instruments for control and measurement of pressure, level, flow, humidity, dewpoint, carbon dioxide and temperature.

Fox Meter Inc.
Manufactures process instrumentation, including 4 to 20 mA, loop powered, bargraphs, large displays.

Consultancy which undertakes the measurement and analysis of offshore and onshore structures.

Produce RS232 to RS422/485 converters and data acquisition and control modules.

Galileo Industrial Development
Portable gas analyzers and opacity meters, automotive emission test cells.

Data acquisition systems for remote field environments.

Gilchrist Technology
Supplier of accelerometers, vibration monitoring and condition monitoring devices.

Global Electronics GSC Manufacturing Site
Real-time manufacturing control and monitoring. PC based data acquisition hardware and Global's signal conditioning hardware.

Grant Instruments
Supplier of Squirrel datalogger sensors, temperature and humidity probes. UK.

Grant Roberts Control
Automation and control specialists to add functionality, modify, upgrade and install automated industrial processes.

GW Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer of data acquisition computer hardware and realtime waveform analysis, presentation, and database software for Windows 95 and Macintosh computers.

Online process monitoring and control.

Heim Data Systems
Manufacturing of data acquisition hardware and software for data recording and reading.

HGL Dynamics
Offers a range of digital products for handling high-bandwidth data from physical processes such as vibration, sound, or pressure.

Highland Technology
Manufacture precision electronic instrumentation including energy, frequency and strain modules. US.

HiTec Zang - Excellence In Labscale Technology
Software and hardware solutions for laboratory automatisation. Manufacture laboratory reactor systems.

PC-based data acquisition systems for research and industry. Electro-mechanical measurements from DC to 1 Gigahertz.

Horiba Engine Measurement Division
Manufacture engine emissions measurement instruments and test equipment. Provide integrated data acquisition and control of its vehicle and other engine testing systems worldwide.

Horton Automation
Quality SCADA RTU and equipment for the Electric and Natural Gas Utility industry sectors.

Seismic source control systems, for use in VSP, "High Res" and "Deep Seis" surveys.

Hytec Electronics Ltd
Instrumentation for control and data acquisition systems.

Wireless radio linked temperature, humidity and events data monitoring and recording systems from Silvertree Engineering.

iControl, Incorporated
Remote control and data acquisition, via the Internet.

Data acquisition products for embedded sensor processing market.

ICS Electronics
Manufactures GPIB, Serial, Modbus and VXIbus products that control and enhance test and control systems.

IEEE 1588-2002 Standard for Synchronizing Clocks
IEEE 1588-2002 standard for a clock synchronization protocol for networked measurement and control systems. Background, technology and implementation.

A managed application (ASP) that collects, aggregates and centralizes data from different sites & equipment.

Industrial Control Links (ICL)
Developer and manufacturer of process control, data acquisition and communications equipment primarily serving the water, power, gas, oil, transportation and process control markets.

Industrologic, Inc.
Data acquisition and control boards.

Industry automatic control fundamentals
Explanation of automatic control fundamentals and their applications in production processes.

PC-based test and measurement using GPIB, ISA, PCI and PCMCIA boards. Systems include free software.

Innovatorium Technologies Corporation
Embedded development for industrial instrumentation products, remote monitoring, electric motor controllers and traffic sensors.

Instrumentation Direct
Specialise in data acquisition instruments, analysis and recording equipment.

Instrumentation Signpost
Measurement, control and automation resources.

Instrumentation Solutions
Measurement, control and data analysis for industrial or laboratory applications using Visual Basic and LabView.

Instrumented Sensor Technology, Inc.
Portable, PC-programmable, high-speed data recorders for capturing dynamic environments. accelerometers, shock recorders, strain Monitors, etc.

Integrated Mill System Inc
Provide process control and automation engineering to the steel industry.

Intelligent Instrumentation
Supplies PC and Ethernet data collection and acquisition.

Plug-in, portable, and stand-alone data acquisition systems and data loggers with signal conditioning for thermocouples, strain gauges, RTD measurement, and voltage and frequency I/O.

Manufacturing, repair, and service of data loggers for AC power quality, temperature, DC voltage, current, and other electrical control and measurement devices.

Island Sensors
Adapt sensors, data recording, telemetering, control/ robotic devices to provide information and action where direct human participation is limited by location, hazard or time.

ISX Remote Monitoring
Web-based remote monitoring service for energy, vibration and temperature monitoring.

A service to collect data from virtually any type of sensor in any location and view it using the Internet.

European Specialist in water leak detection and environmental monitoring systems.

JLD Systems
Design and manufacture of data collection and embedded systems.

493K Limited Website
Temperature and pressure monitoring products for the rotational moulding industry.

Kaba GmbH
Manufacturer of production and mobile data collection terminals for monitoring and transferring information to a data collection or ERP system.

KAD Controls
Multi-purpose PC-based control software with data signals monitoring and user friendly interface & the Local Area Network based DCS LAN-DCS.

Kemo Signal Filters
Kemo filters, from simple filter module to complex multi-channel filters for precision data acquisition systems.

Keynes Controls
Provides high resolution, distributed data acquisition, control and logging systems for Ethernet, SONET ATM, Wireless etc.

Supplier of VXI, cPCI, PXI and CAMAC data acquisition & control hardware, software and systems.

Kraus Telemetry
Sensor amplifier, data recorder, PCM encoders and decoders, transmitters and receivers and wireless data acquisiton.

Labcon Computing
Provides turnkey and customised data acquisition, industrial automation and system integration.

USB based measurement and automation devices interface computers to the physical world.

Lad Engineering
Designs and develops custom embedded controller hardware for embedded control applications and factory automation equipment, including analog data acquisition and digital I/O.

Lamda Inc.
Industrial electronics - internet data acquisition and control.

Network-enable devices and appliances, and systems management solutions, to remotely manage network infrastructure equipment.

Lee-Dickens Ltd.
Design and manufacture of industrial and military process monitoring and control systems. United Kingdom.

Lennartz Electronic GmbH
Seisometers and dataloggers.

Logic Beach Inc.
Data acquisition, monitoring and alarming systems for remote site, industrial and in-lab requirements.

LTT Labortechnik Tasler GmbH
Portable data acquisition and control: 8 differential channels sampling up to 20 MHz.

Magenta Sys
Multichannel acquisition systems for OEM, labs and tests bench.

Maintenance Strategies, Inc.
Cstat line of on-line monitoring systems to portable hand-held data collectors: technologies for equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance.

McShane, Inc.
Site focuses on temperature controllers, with application notes and tutorial on PID control.

Measurement & Control Solutions
Manufacturer of test and measurement systems in India.

Measurement Systems Ltd. (MSL)
Designs and manufactures data acquisition systems, hardware, software, and PC based and boards for data logging.

Measurement Devices
Guide to measurement devices and measurements: news, technology, practices and resources.

Portable and permanent Vehicle Classifiers, Road Traffic Counters, and Windows-based analysis and reporting software. Statistics available include vehicle speed, classification, direction, flow volumes and density.

Metrum Information Storage Limited
Manufacture data acquisition, data storage, analysis and processing equipment, both analogue and digital.

Metso Automation
Process automation and information management solutions.

200MHz, 5GS/s, PC based Oscilloscope
200MHz, 5GS/s, USB connected PC based oscilloscope.

Micro Systems & Controls - India
Electronic instrumentation, process control, automation products and MicroDas data acquisation software.

Microlight, Milight
Dataloggers provide real time clock measurements all time-stamped, strain gauge for stress, bending, force and torque measure.

Microlink Measurement and Control Systems
A guide to computerised data acquisition and control. A series of technical notes clearly explain how to computerise measurements, examples are provided by application stories, and new products are discussed. Includes USB, RS232, RS485, ISA-Bus, GPIB and Ethernet,

Microsigma Engineering and Service
Data acquisition and measurement for defense and industrial customers. From Italy.

Microstar Laboratories
Data Acquisition Processor boards with onboard DSP commands for PC-based, real-time data acquisition, digital signal processing and control systems.

Manufactures display analysis systems for CRT, LCD, FPDM, projection, HUD and micro displays.

MIO Instruments LLC
Special purpose data acquisition (DAQ) systems developed for scientists and engineers.

M2M Data Corporation
Web-based SCADA for remote monitoring, control, and analysis of low voltage distribution substations, transformers, transformer gases, batteries, reclosures and real-time metering.

Mobilab Technologies Inc.
Web-based mobile data acquisition.

Specialising in the factory automation and process control.

Monico LLC
Local and remote monitoring via Inmarsat satellite and the internet using Thrane & Thrane satellite equipment, Monico MoniTrend operator interface and modbus protocol converters.

Moranlord Ltd
Specialists in conductivity sensors, UV meters, CIP products and process monitoring & control.

Serial (RS-232, RS-422/485) and serial-to-Ethernet boards.

Theremocouple and RTD manufacturer.

National Instruments
Data acquisition hardware solutions

NetAcquire Corporation
Real-time distributed software, data acquisition, imaging, telemetry processing and communications solutions.

Nippon Instruments
Manufacturer of data acquisition systems, instruments and sensors.

NXN Technology Co
Wireless machine-to-machine applications for remote sensors, meter reading, etc.

OAK MicroSystems
Manufacturer of data acquisition production monitoring systems for the direct mail industry.

Omega Engineering
Process measurement and control instruments: thermocouples, sensors, probes, data acquisition, recorders, temperature, flow, level, pressure, strain and force instruments. In English, Dutch, Czech and German.

Omni Controls
Distributors of industrial and process control equipment: flow, level, pressure and temperature controls.

Omni Instruments
Supply a wide range of data loggers and sensors to meet most measurement applications.

Online Data Specialists
DataGarrison's secure servers receive your data day and night from wireless, solar-powered SOLARSTREAM® modules from Upward Innovations Inc.

Inexpensive, battery-powered data loggers for measuring temperature, RH, light intensity, on/off, open/closed and events.

Temperature logging, weather monitoring, ethylene control and customised software.

Ontrak Control Systems Inc.
Manufacturer of serial data acquisition and control interfaces. Control analog, digital and relay I/O via RS232 and RS485.

OpenNet Instruments
Networked data acquisition and control products that simplify making process and system data available across computer networks and the Internet.

Providing enhanced video and digital images for microscopic research and inspection.

Oriel Systems Ltd
Industrial Control for manufacturing, remote monitoring and control. Solutions for the Chemical, Oil, Ink and high-value liquids manufacturers.
Wireless monitoring and control solutions for remote industrial installations. Internet connected hardware for SCADA, telemetry and automation.

Pacific Instruments
Manufacture data acquisition systems for measurement and testing requirements.

Developer and manufacturer of standard and customized embedded, DSP and programmable logic hardware solutions for data acquisition.

PC Oscilloscopes
Providing high performance PC based data acquisition solutions

PE Systems
Analyzer systems (CEMS or process analyzer systems), engineering services and Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems for data acquisition and process control.

Peak Sensors
Industrial temperature sensing and control product catalogue.

Petrodata Ltd
Provide monitoring, control, automation and communications systems, as well as design services and project engineering.

PLC programming for manufacturing.
Man Machine Interface, PLC resources.

PLD Applications
Provides IP core, hardware FPGA based boards and custom interfacing solutions for PCI/CompactPCI, based applications, including networking, data acquisition, imaging, industrial automation, process control.

Precision Filters Inc.
Suppliers of electronic filters, signal conditioning, signal switching, and data acquisition products.

Preferred Instruments
Instrumentation and control systems for combustion and process applications.

Integrated condition monitoring systems for predictive maintenance and quality control.

Production monitoring, condition monitoring, data aquisition and manufacturing network for manufacturers.

Process Control and Data Acquisition
Process flow calculators and tutorials.

Software and hardware for data acquisition, signal processing and graphical reporting.

Proton Products
Manufacturers of precision instrumentation for non contact speed and length measurement using laser dopplar technology.

Pryde Measurement and Controls Australia
Equipment for oil and gas exploration, electrical power stations, breweries, sugar mills and other industries.

Purafil, Inc
Offering Onguard air quality monitors, corrosion gas sensors and reactivity monitoring.

Pure Technologies
Acoustic techniques, combined with Internet-based data acquisition, transmission, processing and reporting to provide real-time continuous surveillance of large structures.

QSI Corporation
Manufacturer of standard and custom rugged operator interface terminals, keypads, and screens.

Quanser Inc.
Manufacturer of real-time control experiments for education and research.

Radical Systems, Inc.
Provides data acquisition systems and services.

RAG Communications
Provide remote wireless monitoring systems for the catering, pharmaceutical and service industries.

Ramsey Associates
Auto ID and data capture experts providing bar code hardware and systems solutions.

Raytech Instruments
Measurement solutions for respiratory research, environmental monitoring, process monitoring and quality control.

R.C. Electronics Inc.
Manufacturer of Test Friendly instrumentation provides hints on how better data can be attained more efficiently.

RDP Electronics Ltd
Manufactures LVDTs, position sensor units, load cells, pressure transducers, torque transducers, accelerometers and signal conditioning electronics and displays.

Real Time Devices USA
Manufacture PC compatible embedded board level products for data acquisition.

Real Time Integration, Inc.
Manufactures network-ready test and measurement equipment for real-time distributed systems, telemetry, and communications.

Remontec Ltd
Offers solutions to the measurement and control of equipment located remotely.

Remote gas measurement and automation
Deliver real time data to SCADA host systems and historical meter data to EFM/AMR data validation systems. Gas and oilfield monitoring.

Manufacture pressure and temperature measuring instruments, monitoring relays, proximity sensors, temperature controllers and electronic counters.

Robert Owen Inc.
Manufacturer of instrument amplifiers and instrumentation systems.

Rockwin Flowmeter India Ltd
Rockwin produce Turbine Flowmeters from 5 mm to 400 mm sizes in industrial and custody transfer types.

RODI Systems Corp.
Monitoring and control systems for water treatment and wastewater treatment applications with particular emphasis on membrane treatment applications.

Rom Communications
Remote monitoring, vehicle tracking, and sensing applications

Instruments for the measurement of relative humidity, dew point, water activity and temperature in industrial and scientific applications.

Saxon Embedded Solutions Ltd
Embedded instrumentation and control systems and design services. Designers of hardware, firmware and software systems.

SCADA - Automation Solutions
The AutoSol SCADA System provides monitoring, data acquisition and remote control.

From the SCADA Insider Newsletter, an extensive list of links to companies involved in supervisory data acquisition and control.

Scalar Acquisition Technology
Produce networked transient capture systems.

Scan Electronic Systems
Developer of data acquisition systems.

Remote SCADA, Telemetry and 4-20mA monitoring equipment, RTUs, 4-20mA isolators, converters and multiplexers.

Sea Automazione
Industrial automation software and simulation for SCADA and PLC systems. Site in English and Italian.

SensArray Corporation
Thermal measurement for semiconductor fabrication, to allow for real time in situ.

Electronics and Software for Data Acquisition and Control in Engineering and Scientific Measurements including USB Universal Counters and Multiplexers.

Sensonetics manufactures sapphire high pressure and temperature transducers for the plastic melt and downhole oil well industries.

Sensor Measurement
Marketing and servicing of process control instrumentation and sensor controls.

Sensor One Technologies Corporation
Provider of piezoresistive strain gage force sensors.

Remote monitoring and control systems.

Stand-alone data loggers and gas sensors.

Serck Controls Global Solutions
Providers of telemetry and SCADA solutions including software, hardware and installation.

Seven Technologies A/S
SCADA for process control and software systems for water network management, automated model building, network planning and risk analysis.

Sielco Elettronica
I/O modules for data acquisition.

Signatec, Inc.
High-speed PCI-based products and systems for data acquisition; signal processing; waveform playback; mass storage. Acquisition rates are sustained up to 250 million bytes per second.

Silicon Sensing Systems
Robust, high performance angular rate sensors, gyroscopes and inertial systems for stabilization, orientation and navigation in automotive, commercial and research applications.

SimpleSolvers simplified guide series of technical self-help manuals and software

Manufacturer of advanced hardware for data acquisition and control.

SKKY Science Technology Co., Ltd.
Design and manufactur sensors and transducers: gas, humidity, tension, etc.

Smatlab digital input/output data acquisition interface cards.

Develops, builds and supports application specific instrumentation systems, using PC based hardware and software.

Designs PC-controlled projects including digital thermometers and audio generators.

Solartron Mobrey
Level, pressure, flow, solids, viscosity, density and steam data acquisition for the process industries.

Modular and rugged data acquisition systems for design and test in many industries.

South Coast Systems
Control systems design, integration, support and data acquisition in industrial, food, water treatment, and municipal fields.

Southern DataStream
Specializes in monitoring equipment, data collection and analysis for agricultural engineering, water management, and water quality.

Manufacturer of fast PCI, PXI and CompactPCI data acquisition components. Products with 8 bit to 16 bit resolution and up to 500 MS/s sampling rate available.

Squitter Electronics Inc
Collect, store, transmit, and monitor data remotely. Manufacture cellular modems and environmental monitoring equipment.

Manufacture of condition monitoring systems for rotating machinery. Proximity probes, accelerometers, RTD's, and thermocouples are used to monitor vibration, thrust, temperature, speed and other parameters.

Stonefield Systems
Computerised control systems including air traffic control, remote monitoring, and supplier management of bulk product stocks.

Suffolk Automation
UK-based process control and automation specialists providing PLC programming, electrical networking and full SCADA integration.

PC-Based Data Acquisition Hardware and Software.

Sutron Corporation
Monitoring and control solutions for environmental problems.

Symcod inc.
Manufacture and sell products for data acquisition using barcode and the rs232 or rs422 multidrops technologies.

Tain Electronics
Interface boxes which connect to the computer for performing scientific experiments.

Talisman Electronics
Data acquisition control and communications specialists. UK.

TAT Messysteme
Manufacturer of systems for automotive and industrial applications including chassis and engine dynamometers, and rolling roads. Includes product information, downloadable brochure, and customer references. [English/German].

TBI - Data Acquisition Solutions
Portable and compact data acquisition system with windows software. Adaptable to a wide range of use, such as strain gages, thermocouples and resistor temperature sensors.

Team Tech Instruments Pte Ltd,
Supplier of electronic test and scientific measuring instruments, data recorders, and digital instruments. Singapore.

RS232 to RS485 Converters, digital/analogue distributed I/O.

Technolog Ltd
Leaders in design, manufacture and supply of datalogging instrumentation and control systems for the water and gas utilities.

Technology Trade Consulting Inc.
Integrators of SCADA systems for the pulp and paper industry.

Tek Soft
SCADA mailing list and articles.

Telecontrol Systems
Industrial remote control.

Teledyne Monitor Labs
Products include opacity, flow and particulate, and air quality monitors and continuous emissions monitoring systems.

Manufacturer of electronic control products: timers, counters, temperature controllers, speed controllers, pressure controllers and solid state relays.

Temperature detector which plugs into the PC's serial port and sends an e-mail when a temperature threshold is crossed.

Temperature Technology
Manufacturer of temperature recording instruments including data loggers and chart recorders. Australia.

Temperature World
Temperature related news, resources and links. Topics include: science, technology, health, sensors and controls.

Think-Box Research
Research papers including condition monitoring of an induction motor.

Internet enabled remote data logging and control device with GPRS connection for wireless installation. Can be connected to a variety of sensors for any application.

Total Turnkey Solutions
Data acquisition, image processing, industrial machine vision and digital signal processing equipment and systems.

TRAFx Research Ltd.
Counting and monitoring systems, including vehicle, bike, ORV and trail traffic counters.

Web based remote control for data acquisition, industrial automation control, measurement, laboratory and POS surveillance applications.

Supply interfaces, recorders and data acquisition systems for the telecom and data streaming markets.

Tucker-Davis Technologies
Develop modular signal-processing workstations for data acquisition, neurophysiology, evoked potentials, and psychophysics.

Two Dimensional Instruments, LLC
Manufacturers of ThermaViewers, which monitor and document temperature and humidity.

Unimeasure, Inc.
Manufactures cable extension linear position and linear velocity transducers.

United Electronic Industries
Data acquisition and instrumentation products for the PCI and PXI bus, ethernet distributed I/O, and data loggers.

Upward Innovations
Remote data transmitted to secure data centers at user-defined intervals using pager technology and low orbit satellites. Alarm limits for up to 15 sensors, voltages, or current measurements.

VAE Controls
Control systems for water supply engineering and petrochemistry - monitoring, alarming, dosing and colouring.

Manufacturer of standalone data acquisition systems and data loggers. Custom and OEM solutions available.

Manufacturer of electronic instrumentation for government and industry specializing in annotating video with various sensor data and precision time derived from GPS or IRIG-B timecode.

Video Turnstile
Data collection system to count people and produce footfall data.

Hardware and software to use the PC as an oscilloscope, signal generator, data logger and other virtual instruments.

Visidaq Solutions
Manufacture high performance data acquisition systems and software.

Visual Integration Data Acquisition & Control
Integrator of process control, data acquisition and electric heat tracing systems.

VPL Infotech
Manufacturer of data acquisition cards and USB products for PCs.

Westplex - South Africa
Automation and measurement using instrumentation hardware and software for data acquisition and analysis.

SCADA and remote monitoring and control solutions for water & wastewater telemetry, oil & gas, power, telecommunication, transport, warehousing and environmental applications.

Windrock Inc. (USA)
Provides portable reciprocating machinery analyzers to diagnose problems in engines and compressors using advance data acquisition techniques related to pressure, ultrasonic, and vibration transducers.

World Wide Meteo Oceanic Services
MeteoMer measure waves, current, tide, wind and movements of towed structures. Also offer forecasts of meteorological and oceanographic conditions world wide.

Wuntronic (Germany)
PC-based measurement techniques.
Supplies Bluetooth and Serial Comms Cards from BrainBoxes to connect computers with peripherals.

Yanos Aerospace
PC-based, data acquisition, monitoring and control systems for the aerospace, manufacturing, oil and gas and power generation industries.

Yokogawa Test and Measurement
Manufacturer of data acquisition instrumentation, specializing in digital oscilloscopes and recorders.

Yuyao Pacific Auto Control Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of load cells, weight display controllers, weight transmitters, electronic weighers and weight control systems.

Data acquisition hardware and software for turbine efficiency monitoring and condition monitoring of rotating machinery.    XML Feeds: