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Ad Music
Find all your favourite tv advert songs, and the tunes used in television commercials, with full details of singer, band, track, and album.

Ad to Favourites
Collection of broadcast ad, including some featuring stars before they were famous.

Adland's Ad-Rag and Commercial Archive
Commercial culture, buzz and QuickTime galore.
Find information on music used in television commercials, TV shows, movie trailers, soundtracks, and video games. Features updated ad music weblog, resources, and message forums.
Amusing, entertaining TV commercials available in a number of streaming video formats.
Editorial reviews of the worst of television ads and other forms of advertisement. Humor and advertising industry related.

Cellular Phone TV Commercials
Television commercials from around the world, all featuring cellular phones and services.

Classic TV Ads
Media player clips of old American television ads, from the 1940s through the 1970s.

Clipland - TV Commercials Database
A resource for TV commercials from all over the world.

Coca-Cola Television Advertisements
Collection of historic advertisements donated by the Coca Cola corporation to the Library of Congress. Videos available in RealPlayer, QuickTime, and MPEG formats.

Commercial Breaks And Beats
The UK Television Advert Music Database. Comprehensive online directory of television advertisement soundtracks.

Wiew selected commercials and provide comments to the advertisers about them.
The cyber community for directors of filmed commercials and the people who hire them.

Commercials I Hate
TV viewers sound off about the worst of the television advertising world.

Commercials when you want them.
Website dedicated to a small selection of famous TV commercials, old and new.

Duncan's TV Ad Land
Television advertisements found online and reviewed by Duncan Macleod, Gold Coast, Australia. Information on production, music and voiceovers.

Website with 'Funny, Cool and Weird' TV commercials, mostly from Europe and Asia.

Funny Commercials
A collection of famous and funny commercials from all over the world. Includes some famous viral spots and Super Bowl commercials.

Funnyville Commercials
An online collection of funny commercial videos and jokes.

Gaijin a Go-Go Cafe
Find all your favorite western stars on Japanese television commercials, stars who wouldn't be caught dead in their own country pushing products. Quicktime clips.

How to Advertise on TV
Collection of articles on creating and purchasing advertising spots.

Online archive with clips, articles and forums related to the advertising industry. Registration required to watch commercials.

International Commercials: TV Spots From India
Newsletter for Indian advertising professionals. A new TV storyboard is posted daily. Includes ad archive.
Western movie and TV stars endorsing products and services in Japanese commercials.

Koroulakis Television Commercials
View sample videos and thumbnails from various television commercials which have been produced and directed by John Koroulakis.

Michael Jordan's Television Commercials
Review of commercials and product endorsements.

Music from TV Commercials
Frequently updated list of music from television commercials (U.S. broadcasts).

My Dog Spot
Archives of commercials with Cal Worthington, advertising his southern California automobile dealerships.

The Night of the Adeaters
Founded by Jean Marie Boursicot, this database contains more than 700,000 commercials from around the globe.

Retro Junk
A retro collection of TV commercials, movie trailers and theme songs - all from the 1980s.

Rik's Funny 'n' Weird Adverts
A page for downloading all your favourite adverts from UK terrestrial TV.

Saturday Morning Commercials 1960-1970
Clips of famous fast food, toy, and cereal ads, including Keds, McDonalds, AlphaBits and Tang.

The :30 Second Candidate
Companion Web site for The :30 Second Candidate television program, broadcast on PBS. Explores the history of political advertising.

Showcases the creative talent in the international advertising industry. Also contains news and clips.

Sounds Familiar
UK TV Advert music and movie soundtracks database

Source of Independent Commercial Film Directors and D.O.P's
A London based source for internation advertising film production. Specialising is independent or freelance directors, dop's and producers also service production facilities.

Television Commercials
A collection of approx. 200 television commercials from around the world. Minimalistic user interface, but contains some memorable TV spots.

Television Commercials/Television Commercial Director
Television commercials by Rich Underwood - Commercial Director/Cameraman. View quicktime TV commercials.
See speculative commercial work of new and seasoned commercial directors, created without restraint from clients, ad agencies and taste. Rate spots, send anonymous feedback, and submit your own spots.

UK TV Adverts
Discover the identity of actors and actresses who appear in, or do voice-overs for British commercials.

Views and sales of commercials from the 1970s to the present.

Visit 4 info
Database of tv radio and magazine adverts with advertisers information and downloads.
Advertising creative directory of TV commercials, demo reels and showreels.

What is Merchantia?
Step-by-step demonstration on how a commercial is created.

What's That Called?
What's That Called? Is a free website of song titles for TV adverts and commercials. Requests for an unknown advert can be made using the Forum.

What's That Tune ?
Archive of music used in advertisement in the UK and Ireland. Visitors can submit requests to know the tunes in commercials not yet archived.    XML Feeds: